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kchanlp: Since they've taken over your life, then Avengers. <3
  • M/F OTP: Happy/Pepper, Bruce/Betty
  • M/M OTP: Thor/Loki (followed closely by Steve/Tony)
  • F/F OTP: Natasha/Pepper, Pepper/Maria
  • OT3+: Clint/Coulson/Natasha
  • BROTP: Steve&Thor&Tony, Tony&Loki, Tony&Peter
  • Favorite Canon: Thor/Loki
  • Favorite Crack: Logan/Peter
  • Guilty Pleasure: Bucky/Rhodney
  • Pairing I Hate Don’t Understand: Loki/Tony, Tony/Bruce, breaking up C/C/N, Jane/Thor (I actually hate this last one tho)

May 09
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—When Thor reaches for Loki’s neck and grips him, pulling Loki him close and then away again. There’s something about the motion that struck me something hard and deep: it’s one part breathplay, one part submission, several parts reckless, and all parts intimate. I overwhelm myself thinking about how they would bodily handle one another in bed.

—”He’s adopted.”

—The moment between moments, when Thor says something in an attempt to bring Loki to his side, to make Loki see his way. Where Loki must filter what Thor says to better fit with how he sees the world, rather than what his brother is actually saying.

—Whenever they touch?

—There is a scene that’s not included must be full of feels. It’s after the fight in the forest, when I imagine the trio take Loki back to the transporter. (Does Thor pick Loki up and Tony pick Steve up and they fly back? Does Natasha land? WE DON’T KNOW.) Moving Loki to the transporter would be interesting, but I think the real moment lies with Thor sitting next to Loki, speaking quietly to him, or maybe not speaking at all. Loki would completely ignore him, scheming and watching Steve/Tony and having misguided but decidedly evil feelings.

—When Tony brings up Thor and Loki just has this face.

—”We played together.” Thor would see that as just one of the most important ties he has to Loki, one of the most important reasons their lives are intertwined.

—THE. FUCKING. MASK. Oh god, the kinks. The kinks.

—”Did you mourn me?” “We all did.” I want to write a hundred thousand words about this moment. Because this right here? It’s a place where I think Thor could have reached Loki, but by saying “we” instead of “I,” Thor lost the chance. It’s such a small change, but I think Loki would have felt it. He knows no one else mourned like Thor might have, and when Thor says “we,” it’s making it impersonal and therefore not as severe a grief as Loki wants. But to Thor? To Thor, his grief was just so much that it felt as though everyone around him must feel as wrecked as he did.

—The field of flowers. Because in my head, they fuck in that field of flowers when things have calmed down or in an alternative timeless/universe/reality and oh god. FLOWERS. FLOOOOWERS. F L O W E R S.

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You Don’t Talk About Fight Club: Black Widow and Hawkeye Meta


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#just no #not these fucking snowy lokis again fuck my life

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