Sep 04
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suddenly overwhelmed with sexual!pale raleigh eating mako outttttt and then being gross and nuzzling her stomach afterward and mako pushes his head away because she can feel her slick on his chin, but raleigh just hugs her close and smooches her bellybutton and mako can’t help but giggle ahhhhh noooooooo

Sep 04
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posts that are like “omg thicke/miley/all of russia??/etc is a piece of crap in all these ways and the queers are mad about mackawacka” or basically any “omg xyz is horrible and y’all are worried about that thing over there that is so much less severe” are absolutely ridiculous to me. the hell. i can be angry at multiple things at once ya kno. i am a big fat queer full of extremes and multiples and can hold different degrees of righteous anger at once okai.

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Aug 20
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So I need to wait until Wednesday to work on my first submission for the teen wolf reverse bang, so I thought to myself, Hey, the limit for art submissions is two. Why the hell not just draw something that isn’t a goddamn huge and complex triptych. Make it simple and black&white, and call it a day. … … …Yeah. My (all Sterek-pandering) ideas so far include:

Aug 20
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My nether regions’ PGP is now “Captain Fabulous Junk Pants”

Captain Fabulous for short.

Jul 31
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TMI Tuesday — Fanfiction Edition


  1. How did you get interested in fanfiction? 
  2. What was your first fandom? Your first OTP?
  3. Do you review all the fanfics you read, most, or do you prefer to read and move on? If you write, what’s the best review you’ve ever gotten? The worst?
  4. Favorite AU to read? To write?
  5. What’s your favorite genre to read? To write?
  6. What are your biggest fanfiction pet peeves?
  7. Do you have any crackships?
  8. Do you have any ships you don’t like or used to but don’t anymore?
  9. Are there any kinks you love to read? Any you avoid?
  10. Do you prefer to read fanfics in first, second, or third-person POVs? To write?
  11. Do you read exclusively NC-17 fanfics, or will you read any rating?
  12. What’s the latest you’ve stayed up reading a fanfic? Writing one?
  13. Is there a website you’re partial to when you search for fanfiction, or do you more read whatever you can get your hands on? When it comes to writing, is there a website you prefer to use for publishing your fanfics?
  14. How long have you been “18”?
  15. Are there any plot ideas you want to either do or see someone else do?
  16. Do you associate certain songs with certain ships or fanfics? If you could make a playlist for your OTP(s), which songs would be on there?
  17. Do you follow any RPs? Do you RP?
  18. What’s on your fanfiction rec list?
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Jul 26
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63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s →



this showed up on my facebook feed

I can’t stop crying from laughter

I was never a boyband person, but these are so beautiful, and it makes me feel I missed out.

Omg #17 looks like he’s straight out of a yaoi from the 90s.

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Jul 20
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Okay, so I know this isn’t *exactly* a screenshot, but it’s a bit interesting and I have a lot more followers interested in Motorcity than I do on my main blog, so I’m going to post this here.

So a friend of mine who also loves Motorcity and were sort of wondering how much land Detroit Deluxe supposedly covers? Because it’s obviously way more than the actual city boundaries of modern day Detroit.
So I grabbed a generic map of Michigan with big cities from google images and overlayed the map from the opening sequence, lined it up as best I could and this is the result!

So at least we know Detroit Deluxe is REALLY FREAKING HUGE AS BUTTS??? The parts of Deluxe/Motorcity we see in the cartoon are probably set closer to where Detroit is though.

Hmm… very interesting.  And a good find, too!

But… let’s expand the map a bit more to get a better comparison:

Good god.

Deluxe is huge.

Pretty impressive, considering that the city itself is built upon some sort of giant, floating dome of sorts.

Hmm… I can’t help but wonder what the rest of the world is like outside of Deluxe’s boundaries now…

According to this fancy amazing contribution to Motorcity truisms I just made, the world outside Deluxe is a happening summer party of win.

Just look at that blinged out USA. Damn. I get the chills of patriotism and the deepest bellow of AMMMUUURIKAA just looking at it.

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