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blame this post on the motorcity tag

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a quick thing for chiltonkisses who requested a hairy mike!!

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also posting this version because I can’t choose [x]

And then suddenly Motorcity fan art.

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Sketch version: here
an’t wait for the summer and for even more Dabs fanart.

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i should just rename my blog “kawaii burner HQ”

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I done just seen the Motorcity finale and ugh babies.

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I like to imagine Mike sings awfully and so when he plays the guitar, he hums awkwardly.

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guess i misread those signals then
tryna get out of artblock at 3.40 bad choice 

Wow…  this picture actually hurt.  It’s  not just the words or what’s implied it’s… the way they are laying together like that.  They are not touching.  The sheet is even over Mike to keep a barrior between them.  Chuck’s body is arched -away- from Mike and he’s kind of curled because he probably feels so bad to be turning Mike down.  Look at the hand on his head.  Even though his face is turned towards him so that he could see him (so long as his hair isn’t in the way) he’s still blocking out Mike as well as keeping Mike from being able to see him.

And I just get the feeling that.  They probably went through a really long, really exhausting conversation before we got to this point that we see here.  It’s especially evident in the way Mike is laying.  It was long enough that Mike eventually felt the need to hide his face in his arms, mostly because he doesn’t want Chuck to see his emotions on his face because then Chuck would feel even WORSE than he feels now.  He’s laying completely straight.  He’s kind of stiff.  He’s trying really hard not to express any outward emotion, probably so that Chuck won’t feel worse than he already obviously does.

Even the colors of the text bubbles are giving me a lot of feelings and an implied message.  Yellow and red for Chuck.  Warm colors.  -STRESSED- colors.  He’s anxious and upset and feels so bad that he’s saying this to Mike.  The words are all in capitol letters and it’s written sloppily, giving me the message that he’s making a frustraited exclamation after probably talking himself in CIRCLES trying to not say something that would hurt Mike’s feelings.

Mike’s are cool purple and white, his letters are all lower case.  He’s trying to be as calm and neutral as he can so that Chuck can’t read how hurt he is.

This picture hurts. 

Oh whoah
I didn’t mean to submit this on my sketchblog since it’s artblock things and they’re usually angsty and self indulgent and mostly about me, so I’m not really proud of them. But Rad’s comment is really touching and im jdskjhfsdjfh so shocked at how you could almost read right through it.

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Punk!Mike and his half sister Hipster!Julie being adorable
Mike finally defected to the Burners’ side and he’s expecting praise and kisses well fuck off bitch
(this au is so mean what am i doing its like first concept mike) 

I love me some Scott Pilgrim… Did you guys ever see the Scott Pilgrim animation that Titmouse did a while back to help promote the movie? As a huge fan of the comics it was super fun to work on.
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I’ve been playing Animal Crossing lol

Dutch is human cause none of the animals in the game really fit him imo (and a scorpion wouldn’t really translate well haha…)

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