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tyler posey is definitely my fancast for monkey d. luffy

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I was going to submit this to textsfromtheshatterdome but I can’t get their submit box to work :(

ANYWAY here’s some stuff

rebageling myself because I added a couple more for Mako & figured you lot would get a kick out of it


Feb 07
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i like to think big riku is saying “don’t be an asshole”

Probably. Also “Listen to Sora and Kairi more. They’re right more often than you think.” and “He didn’t say his name was Terra, did he? That means he’s a liar, so you have every right to be as violent as you want.” and “Wow, my hair was nice like that. I think I’ll get it cut when I go back to the future. :)

hahahahaha he is definitely saying those things…esp. the hair one. 3DS EXPLAINED.

Feb 05
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